ViSy security solutions

The ViSy system can not only secure the rear of the truck, it is also capable of giving the driver the 
security support around the truck when starting, stopping or turning.

One of the characteristics of the ViSy safety concept is that it combines the camera -sensor -system with an expandable function on a central monitor unit. 

3D technology

For the first time in the waste management industry, the ViSy GmbH state-of-the-art 3D cameras based on PMD (PhotonicMixerDevice) technology in
Refuse collection vehicles.


With the unique object recognition of the

3D camera system, the system detects objects and warns the driver acoustically and visually and actively intervenes in an emergency.


You can find the differences in technology.


Funding programs & ABE

Since July 2020, the ViSy - ABAS programme has met all necessary criteria of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for funding and retrofitting of turning assistant for commercial vehicles. 

The list of eligible turning assistants with general operating permits can be found at:






If you have any questions about the equipment, compatibility or funding of turning assistants, our team will be happy to assist you.



More information at: info@visy-gmbh.de

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