3D Under-run protection (ULS)

A waste management truck has many more dangerous areas than just the back of a vehicle.


ViSy GmbH is the only manufacturer which is able to offer a 3D technology protecting the under-run area, including an emergency stop function, of the truck. 

The ULS system can detect people early, by monitoring 180degrees around the truck and prevent dangerous situations.

The ULS-system is part of our ViSy-Safety Concept and can be retrofitted at each time. Moreover it is compatible to our rear area monitoring system and turning assistant.  



It is especially important to prevent dangerous situations around fork lifter trucks.

The same virtual space is created and monitored by our 3D technology for the ULS as it is for reversing the truck.


Pedestrians or bikers are recognised by the ULS sensors and send a warning signal to the driver of the truck.


If the driver does not react appropriately the system performs a auto stop of the lifter fork.

An additional 2D camera provides the driver with an image of the person or object in the lifter area.