ViSy-RAS 2.0

The support system offers the driver an active assistance in observing his surroundings.

Since 2015 ViSy GmbH has been developing security concepts for waste management trucks and is the only provider of a high-resolution 3D technology and integrated emergency stop function. 




The 2D and 3D cameras are attached on the back of the waste truck. The cameras create a virtual space with various danger zones, which are displayed on an installed monitor in the trucks cockpit.

The camera is able to differentiate between people and objects and warn the driver visually and acoustically. The emergency stop acts as an additional safeguard for the driver of the vehicle.

Obstacles are recognised early and trigger a system reaction: i.e. warn! stop!



DGUV test principles

Are waste management trucks allowed to reverse?
This question has waste management companies and manufacturers thinking since 2015. 

The DGUV adopted industry regulations to provide safe reversing:


  • Safety distance of at least 0.5 meters on both long sides of the waste truck.

  • Do not reverse more than 150 meters.

  • The review mirror view should not be blocked

  • The instructing helper is only allowed to stay in the vision of the drive

  • The instructor should not walk backwards while assisting due to the risk of falling 






Based on the requirements of the DGUV, the

ViSy-RAS 2.0 developed and shaped.


Through close cooperation with manufacturers and users, a system was developed which, on the one hand, is based on the high requirements of the DGUV and yet has never lost sight of its practicality.


The ViSy-RAS 2.0 is currently subject to the examination of the institute for occupational safety class RAS V2.


You can find the differences between 





Add On's & Erweiterungen

As a safety-relevant system, the functions of "detection" and "monitoring" always come first.


Nevertheless, the 30 years of experience from the are SyWaTec Logistic GmbH in the identity - and Wägetechnikbereich, as well as modern telematics solutions incorporated into our developments and today give us the opportunity unique solutions for your fleet to offer.


The connection of an identification system and telematics modules are also compatible as a proprietary digital reversing cadastral risk assessment of their operational area.


The ViSy-RAS 2.0 stands out with other additional functions such as online support , vehicle-specific monitoring areas and the digital reversing register

significantly different from other systems on the market.



More information at: info@visy-gmbh.de

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