3D Visual Surveillance


The innovative overlay of 2D and 3D cameras create a 'virtual space'. These 3 dimensional representations display different danger zones which can be viewed on a monitor in the driver's cabin. The system recognises individuals and objects by the unique volume calculation of the 3D camera system and is able to alarm the driver by sight and sound. The system is based on three different topics. 













For the first time in the waste management business, the ViSy GmbH integrates modern 3D cameras based on PMD (Photonic Mixer Device) technology in waste management trucks. This new and innovative sensor technology has opened up security dimensions for the work space around the vehicle.

Using a grid of over 2000 pixels, each pixel representing an independent sensor, the camera creates a 'virtual space' in which every fixed or movable object, including their distance information, is displayed. 

Based on all the detailed information, different warning signals will show up to the security assistant with automated intervention, i.e. stop the movement of the truck.
The camera has a view up to 30 metres in normal environmental conditions and can therefore detect objects and their relative movement early, giving advanced warning or reaction to the driver. 
A precise determination of position is provided due to the parallel registration of objects including their distance. This is a great benefit with autmatic functions such as the side loader. 
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