smart monitoring of the truck surroundings !



The support system offers the driver an active assistance in observing his surroundings.




Since 2015 ViSy GmbH has been developing security concepts for waste management trucks and is the only provider of a high-resolution 3D technology and integrated emergency stop function. 














The camera creates a virtual space by using a grid of 2000 pixels - each pixel has its own independent sensor.


This virtual space can detect the distance to a moving or stopped object. 

The accurate vector calculation is displayed and recorded and provides different warning levels to the driver of the truck. 







The camera has a view of up to 30 meters and can therefore detect objects at an early stage. Advanced warning takes place. 

The camera evaluates the distance and speed of the object in the virtual space and creates a risk of accident calculation.

The system calculates the distance and the speed of the vehicle towards a moving or stationary object and warn the driver immediately about a possible collision.