RAS 2.0

3D reversing assistant


"Perceive, evaluate and

actively supportive "

Visy GmbH (Visual System) specialises in safety and assistance technology for waste management companies.

Our goal is to increase the safety of citizens and employees by implementing a warning system when reversing the waste truck, as well as a monitoring system around the vehicle. 

In 2015 ViSy developed a 3D warning system which assists the driver of a waste truck to reverse.  A human assistant to safely reverse is no longer needed, if the waste truck carries such system.

In 2016 the DGUV (German Goverment Accident Incurance ) implemented a new industry regulation in which waste trucks are only allowed to reverse if any potential danger can be ruled out. 

This regulation created economic and organisational problems for many companies. 


ABAS 2.0


3D turning assistant



"Precise turning with

cutting edge 3D technology "


smart monitoring of the truck surroundings !​

City traffic is a stress factor and an immediate danger for many road users. By implementing the emergency break system when turning, reversing or circling of the waste truck, we are able to support the driver of the truck and more important all the road users on foot, on bike or car. 

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Structure (BMVI), in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Europe (UNECE) released a “turning assistant campaign”, which describes the minimum requirements for turning a waste management truck. 

We used those specification as a base for our RAS 2.0 and ABAS 2.0 systems. 







3D underflow protection

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